Congratulations – are you ready for the next step?

Thank you for visiting us at IMTS last week and that you took the time to do the Metal Cutting Driving Test! It was great meeting you. We hope you had fun with the game and enjoyed your time in Chicago.

Attached you find your temporary metal cutting driver’s license. Make sure to print it and proudly present it to your colleagues.


Fun and games aside, training and learning new skills is equally important. Also, take the time to increase your knowledge further by signing up for free today to our online training at

There you will find more than 75 different courses to choose from with videos, animations and step-by-step instructions – all to help you became savvy in metal cutting.

Among the skills you can learn are how to ...
Improve productivity and profitability in workshops.
Optimize cutting data.
Optimize cutting tool life.
Recognize different types of tool wear and their remedies.
Choose the right cutting tool for the job.
Plan the best metal cutting process for a component.
Solve problems in the metal cutting process.

Taking these courses will prepare you with the fundamental skills needed to succeed in the metalcutting industry. Of course you can always contact us in case you need advice on specific problems.

(TEXT FOR CONTACT INFORMATION DEPENDING ON COUNTRY – email, telephone, chat where available and I would also include Twitter, Facebook and youtube links)